Activating Resources – Empower Leaders


Thinking and acting entrepreneurially, delegating and controlling, developing employees and making decisions – the tasks of senior executives are diverse and complex. Whether in times of great change or in the usual dynamics of everyday corporate business: coaching can represent a valuable support for those managing organizations and consequently bearing special responsibility.

During the coaching sessions I will accompany you through listening, reflecting and questions focused on solutions. In terms of methodology I coordinate the process to suit your concrete issue and requirements. You will receive individual and resource-oriented consultation, showing new room for maneuver and releasing energies for your own success and that of the company.


Coaching at a glance:


  • Leadership, management competence and personal management style
  • Individual communication patterns and conflict solving behavior
  • Clarity on values, location, targets and role in the business context
  • Time and self management as well as energy and work-life-balance
  • Team coaching for managers
  • Intercultural team development

" In order to see clearly, simply changing the direction of your gaze is often enough."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry