Communicate clearly – achieve effects


How can that be? Strategy and goals have been put into words; the differences to the competition have been described. And yet the desired positive response by customers, media and employees is lacking.

The missing part of the jigsaw puzzle that combines statement and understanding is professional communication: it has a clear focus on core messages, thereby bearing the perspective of the recipient in mind; along with technical factors, it also takes into account emotional factors and is tailored to suit the individual corporate culture. 

With a view from the outside, I support companies in employing communication strategically and organizing all communicative jigsaw pieces in a targeted way.


Communication at a glance:


  • Strategy consultation for target-group specific communication and media work
  • Function of the outsourced press office for companies
  • Communication with internal and external interest groups in change projects
  • Personal coaching and group training for communication topics
  • Presentation techniques, rhetoric and conflict management
  • Good performance in front of microphone and camera
  • Negotiating successfully
  • Moderating teams and large groups
  • Women in managerial positions: strengths of female communication

" Communication is the answer to complexity."

Markus Miller